Paris Zoological Park
Paris Zoological Park
Paris Zoological Park
Paris Zoological Park
Paris Zoological Park
Paris Zoological Park
Paris Zoological Park
Paris Zoological Park

Paris Zoological Park


Protection of biodiversity, common thread in the transformation of a historic site

Located in the “Bois de Vincennes”, a listed site, the 15 hectare urban zoo, which has become dilapidated, aims to witness a century of wildlife conservation. Mainly built around concrete rocks dating from the 1931 World's Fair, the rehabilitation of the Paris Zoo constitutes an unprecedented architectural and landscape experience that offers its audiences a true journey to the heart of biodiversity.

Here, the architects used immersion and camouflage techniques to provide animal populations with living conditions that respect their needs and protect them from the impact linked to the presence of visitors. The architectural intervention does not consist in designing buildings in mimicry with nature but on the contrary to create immersive devices so that visitors and animals share the same territory. The project is built around a main circuit that explores the 5 representative biozones of our planet, to which are added a set of remarkable and innovative buildings such as the bioclimatic Great Greenhouse. More than 160 animal species are thus housed and protected in living environments close to their origins

National Museum of Natural History of Paris / Chrysalis
Devolution method
Partenariat Public Privé (PPP)
Bouygues Construction

170 M€

Greenhouse6000 m2 + Park 15 ha

Bernard Tschumi urbanists Architects with Véronique Descharrières
Jacqueline Osty Paysagiste
Synthèse Architecture
© Iwan Baan © Arnaud Tudoret © Martin Argyroglo

Le Monde
Le Moniteur

Zoo, La Métamorphose, Voyage photographique au cœur de la rénovation du Parc zoologique de Paris, Véronique Descharrières, photographies Arnaud Tudoret, Somogy éditions d’art, Paris, avril 2014
Architecture Zoo, Bernard Tschumi urbanistes Architectes avec Véronique Descharrières, Somogy éditions d’art, Paris avril 2014
Parc zoologique de Paris, des origines à la rénovation, Maryvonne Leclerc-Cassan, Somogy éditions d’art, Paris, mars 2014
Architektur im zoo : Theorie und geschichte einer bautypologie, Natascha Meuser, DOM Publishers, Berlin, 2017 



Zoo La métamorphose - © Arnaud TUDORET_104
Zoo La métamorphose - © Arnaud TUDORET_209


Zoo La métamorphose - © Arnaud TUDORET _165
Zoo La métamorphose - © Arnaud TUDORET_396


Zoo La métamorphose - © Arnaud TUDORET_199
Zoo La métamorphose - © Arnaud TUDORET_446

360 ° immersive tour 

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