Symbol for the city of Ames
Symbol for the city of Ames

Symbol for the city of Ames

Ohio, USA

An animated light-show to celebrate the 21st century

An international idea competition for the renovation and transformation of the old disused electrical plant in the city of Ames, Ohio, has been launched.

The conversion of this industrial infrastructure makes it possible to build a remarkable architectural symbol to mark the entry into the 21st century. The project proposes to implement green energy by creating new sources of energy produced IN and BY the city. The transformation of the building combines energy and matter through the implementation of a metal envelope which covers the whole building and connects to photovoltaic panels on the roof. A monumental network of 100,000 m² decorates the industrial space. At the end of each junction, a LED light becomes a pixel of this envelope, whose graphic animation sets its abstract geometry in motion. The building communicates powerfully with the public and takes the form of a real urban signal.

City of Ames  
Renovation, transformation, energy program
Concept Design 
15 000 m2
Metallic envelope surface 100 000 m2
Competition winner 2005 



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